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The message of “following your bliss” is one that cannot be reiterated enough to the young people of today. Matt was careful to depict through his pictures and accompanying narrative that following his “bliss” was filled with challenge and hard work and, yet, brought him incredible joy.   From Elementary to High School students, Matt was able to connect with his audience to leave a lasting impression."


Mrs Joelle Basnight, Highschool Principal, Lincoln School, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Talk

As I travelled around the world I visited schools and organisations to give presentations about my journey; to share stories from the places I’d travelled to and to educate people about both life on a bicycle and the bigger world around them. Having returned to the UK I have continued this and have spoken at schools all over the country. With over four years’ worth of stories to tell, these talks have been well received wherever I’ve been and offer a focus on getting young people to follow their personal dreams in life.

The talk consists of a PowerPoint presentation, a Q & A session and a demonstration of all the major equipment that made the journey, including the bike.


The real world has finally caught up with me and I am now in full time employment - as a teacher, as it goes! However I am still available to speak from 5pm onwards during weekdays and at any point over weekends. If your school or organisations has any questions they would like to ask about my visiting, please make an enquiry at the link below.


The cost of a talk is £300. Of this, £50 goes directly to SOS Children’s Villages.

Make a booking

To make a booking please e-mail me at this link. 


"Matthew fully engaged his audience of 140 Key Stage 2 boys and staff for over an hour with his captivating account of four years and 46,000 miles of cycling around the world.  His presentation incorporated geographical and cultural information, personal observations, problem solving and humorous anecdotes.  The number and depth of questions that followed showed just how much impact he had made on the children.  He then spent another couple of hours visiting individual form rooms for further discussions.  It was a truly invaluable experience for the boys."  

Mr Michael McKaughan, Headmaster, Denmead School

A natural born teacher, Matthew uses stories and photos to engage his audience and to help them better understand the world we live in. Matthew's account of his travels provides testimony that through hard work, persistence and a 'can do' spirit, one can fulfill their dreams and make a difference in the world.

Mrs Terry Wolfson, Principal, American International School of Cyprus

A truly fascinating, informative, entertaining and interactive presentation which motivated and inspired teachers and pupils alike whilst at the same time educating us all on problem-solving, cultures and places around the world. The talk gave us an amazing insight of our planet.

Mr Jeremy Roberts, Head of Geography, Spratton Hall School

Whether it be his detailed love to impart culture, his investment in geography wisdom that made countries come to life or his ability to ignite a roar of laughter by sharing some of his hilarious life-on-the-road anecdotes, there is no question that Matthew Blake is a one-of-a-kind presenter. Our students saw in him a relatable individual: a humble man following his dreams and pursuing life-long learning in the process.

Mr Jacob Thies, Head of Year, International School of Kigali, Rwanda

Matt came to visit us in June as part of our KS2 Activity Week. He spent the day with our pupils, telling them about his round-the-world cycling trip and some of the many adventures he had on the way. The children (and staff!) were totally absorbed with what Matt had to say - and they really loved the fact that he had brought THE bicycle with him. Matt is a charismatic and highly engaging speaker who held all his listeners spell-bound throughout their sessions. The pupils came away amazed and inspired by what he had achieved. Our only issue was that we wanted to hear MORE stories ... the sessions we had planned (30 minutes per group of 30 children) were too short and an hour (at least) would have been better to listen to such an inspiring speaker with so much to say. Thank you Matt for an amazing day!

Mrs Louise Jowitt, Event coordinator, City of London Freemen’s School



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